Chris Christie was sworn in as New Jersey’s 55th Governor on January 19, 2010.

Born in Newark and raised in Livingston, Chris has lived in New Jersey his entire life, except to attend college. Chris and his wife of 25 years, Mary Pat, now reside in Mendham, where they are raising their four children, Andrew, 17; Sarah, 14; Patrick, 10; and Bridget, 7. More of the Governor’s bio can be found on the state website found HERE.

The title of Governor Christie’s photo blog comes from a line in one of the Governor’s favorite Bruce Springsteen Songs – Thunder Road. All photos are were shot and edited by the Governor’s photographer Tim Larsen.

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  1. I am a big supporter and fan of Governor Chrisite. I had always liked him in the past, but after going to one of his Town Hall Meetings, I have even more respect for his politics and his true connection and concern for the people of New Jersey. I stood up and asked a very difficult question at his Town Hall Meeting in Garfield NJ and his response was well thought out and showed great compassion for my situation. He is not the type of politician to just say that he’s going to take care of a problem – if Governor Christie says he’s going to change something that is wrong in his State, he doesn’t drop the ball.

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