Hall Walker…

Governor Chris Christie walks the halls with students at Central High School in Pennington.

5 Comments on “Hall Walker…

  1. I love that you captured all this motion, but were able to focus, clearly, on his face. How do you do that? Panning? Dying to see the EXIF data…

    • Hi Erica – I just used a strobe on camera and dragged my shutter to about a 1/20th or 1/30th of a second. Flash stops the motion that instant but the drag of the shutter shows movement. – TL

  2. I am going to try that today (I shoot with a D90 and Tamron f/2.8 medium zooms) — thanks so much! It’s a real honor, btw, to receive a comment from you. I love all your stuff, and just became a contact of “GovChristie” on Flickr. Keep up the great work! — Erica

  3. OK… we (a photographer friend of mine) and I tried it last night, with little success, and me walking back and forth, feeling like one of those “Duck Shoot” carnival games. Question: Was the governor walking there or standing still?

    • What was your shutter speed set at? Your shutter needs to be set at 1/30th or slower balanced for 1 stop below ambient light. So if your meter reads 1/125 sec at f4 for ambient then you need to go 1/30 sec at f11 +/-.

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